Some Important Notes About Your Final Mow Before Winter

If you're like many others this fall, the warm temperatures has led to later-than-normal turf growth in your yard.  This means, of course, that some are mowing their lawns two, or even three times … [Read more...]

Good Mowing For Summer Heat…

Even though we have yet to see brutal summer heat as of this writing, it doesn't mean that hot weather is that far away. And where good lawn care and mowing is concerned just three "days" of hot … [Read more...]

A Postscript For Backyard Fruits…

A couple of years ago we posted a blog about using fruit trees for landscaping accents...apples, peaches, and cherries. A good idea for many because most of these trees a lot of desirable … [Read more...]

Change Mower Pattern For Healthy, Better Looking Grass

Rain or shine, wet or dry, one of the easiest (and simplest) things you can do for a better looking lawn is avoid certain mowing habits. That is, if you're in the habit of mowing your lawn in the … [Read more...]

The More You Know About “Natural”….

You’re seeing it more every day, every year.  Lawn care companies advertising “natural” treatment…i.e. organic…for nutritional supplement and weed control of residential and commercial … [Read more...]

Advice On Buying A Mower….

It's an emotional thing to some, almost like romance.  Believe it or not there people out there to whom buying a new lawn mower is relative to the rest of us buying a new car. And, with the new … [Read more...]

The Water Table And Your Lawn…

Occasionally you have a winter like this one...where it's warmer than anticipated, no snow, and presently there's been rain in the forecast for the past week. Some call it the doom and gloom of … [Read more...]

Go Ahead…It’s Fine To Feed The Birds!

A recent post concerning snow and lawn impact prompted at least one Ever-Green customer to ask about volunteer broadleaf weeds that often appear in the spring as a result of feeding the birds during … [Read more...]

A Time To Think Outside The Box Of Lawn and Landscape…

Speaking on behalf of Ever-Green, we're again proud of our commitment to area residential and commercial clients we've been privileged to serve throughout 2016. We're pleased to provide the … [Read more...]

The Best Thing You Can Do (Right Now) For Your Lawn…

We've written about this for years, because for years people have asked the same question before they close the garage door on their mower for the winter. "What's the best think I can do for my … [Read more...]