Can Early Freeze (Or Snow) Hurt Your Lawn…?


A question from a client this week, relative to the uncommon snow and freezing temperatures and potential harm to lawns.  "Will it hurt?" Well, it is a good question because we're not accustomed to this much snow and 8 degree temps before … [Read More]

Visual Proof That You Can Save Your Ash (Tree)


The controversy, and the angst, has raged in recent years...the emerald ash borer and its devastating impact on ash trees, wild and hybrid, in forests and on residential properties. All you have to do is drive by and look.  The evidence is … [Read More]

A Good Thing To Do With Late Leaves…


If you haven't raked those late leaves to come down yet, we'll share an option that many are doing successfully and reaping cultural benefits from, as well. Rather than raking, bagging, or hauling them to the curb for the city crews to vacuum … [Read More]

The Two Most Important Feedings…

Lawn Treatments

To those who are committed to their lawns fifty weeks of the year, the next eight weeks are two of the most important. Why?  Because fall fertilization, in the estimation of most turf experts, are the two most important "feedings" of the entire … [Read More]

How To Water Fall Seedings….


We recently wrote that September/October is a perfect time to seed new lawns, or bare spots, for emergence next spring as a healthy, vibrant-looking yard. We also mentioned that because of heavier-than-normal rainfall during the past summer there … [Read More]