The Two Most Important Feedings…

Lawn Treatments

To those who are committed to their lawns fifty weeks of the year, the next eight weeks are two of the most important. Why?  Because fall fertilization, in the estimation of most turf experts, are the two most important "feedings" of the entire … [Read More]

How To Water Fall Seedings….


We recently wrote that September/October is a perfect time to seed new lawns, or bare spots, for emergence next spring as a healthy, vibrant-looking yard. We also mentioned that because of heavier-than-normal rainfall during the past summer there … [Read More]

Take Advantage Of A Better Summer For Fall Seeding, Planting


You're familiar with the old adage of making hay while the sun shines?  Well, think in terms of your lawn and landscaping relative to fall seeding and renovations.  And here's why. With the wet, moderate summer we've had there's some advantage … [Read More]

Water On Demand…Your Irrigation System!


Knock wood, most people have not had to water their lawns this summer.  It's been that kind of year...lower than normal temperatures and above average amounts of rain.  The perfect scenario for most residential lawn that now in mid-August are … [Read More]

Why Curb Lanes Look Bad….


It's August now, "dog days" for most lawns and lawn care issues, and one about which we hear frequently is that of crab crass and other undesirables in "curb lanes" and the areas adjacent to sidewalks. "Why are there so many weeds, and why is the … [Read More]