Some Words On Dandelions…


They're insufferable, and unavoidable.  We're talking about dandelions, of course, the yellow scourge of spring, currently in their full golden glory. Their fine, of course, if you're into that much yellow, but folks who value their lawns and … [Read More]

That First Mowing…!


Here's a few words on what's most imminent for anyone with grass.  Within just a few days that grass is going to need mowing. Fortunately for some, they can't wait to get out in the yard and renew acquaintances with the first looks and aromas of … [Read More]

How Mowing Can Make You Money….


It's something we in the lawn industry too often take for granted.  That is, a good-looking yard is just that...a good-looking yard and a labor of love. For others, however, keeping the grass mowed, and attractive, is just another weekly task - … [Read More]

Words Of Caution, Options, On Crabgrass….


It is one of the annual considerations pertaining to lawn care.  That is, when, and what do I do about crabgrass?  And, will I even have it this year? Well, if you had the nasty plant officially known as Digitaria last year there's a pretty … [Read More]

If You Have To Mow Wet Grass….


Ordinarily, you don't recommend that you mow your yard when it's wet. You know that, of course.  All those years that you mowed your dad's lawn for allowance doubt he told you weekly.  And, he was right. And of course, the older … [Read More]

A Very Special Anniversary…..


On the 40th anniversary year of Ever-Green Turf and Landscape, we would be totally remiss in not recognizing another, equally poignant anniversary with our company. Just as importantly, this year marks the 40th anniversary of office manager Patty … [Read More]