Change Mower Pattern For Healthy, Better Looking Grass


Rain or shine, wet or dry, one of the easiest (and simplest) things you can do for a better looking lawn is avoid certain mowing habits. That is, if you're in the habit of mowing your lawn in the same direction every week...change your habits.  … [Read More]

Good Mowing For Summer Heat…


Even though the official start of summer has yet to exhibit summer heat as of this writing, it doesn't mean that hot weather is that far away. And where good lawn care and mowing is concerned just three "days" of hot weather can make a significant … [Read More]

The Importance Of A Sharp Blade…Now More Than Before


From all appearances it would seem that we're in a pattern of wetter-than-normal June weather, about to become July. This is far different from many normal Junes, and it carries with it both positives and negatives relative to the maintenance of … [Read More]

Summer Color For Mere Coins


It's still several days from the official start of summer, but it's hardly early for those who annually bathe their beds and landscaping with the rich, varied colors of the season. For many, it's a yearly labor of love;  something looked forward … [Read More]

Know What You’re Spraying…!


It goes without saying that almost every garage of every American homeowner has at least one bottle of weed killer in it.  It's a prerequisite for having a yard, or so we're told. The fact is, that a spray bottle of Roundup (otherwise known as … [Read More]