Local Foundation, Ever-Green, Partners In A Different Growth


There is an age-old axiom that proclaims that to whom much is given much is also expected. And in that spirit Ever-Green Turf and Landscape is involved with a different type of growth through a decades-long relationship with one of the true gems … [Read More]

Snow And Your Lawn…


It's a question we're accustomed to hearing, particularly during harsh winters with a lot of sub-zero temps and persistent snow.  The question:  "Is snow and cold weather a good thing, or a bad thing, for my lawn?" Well, in the absence of snow … [Read More]

Do You Have “Poa”…?


It may come as a surprise to hear that the dead of winter is a good time to survey your lawn and look for something that looks good, but in prospector's terms, is "fool's gold". We're talking about Poa Annua, of course, a noxious summer grass that … [Read More]

January A Good Time For Weed Inventory


One of the true opportunities that come with January freeze is the opportunity to actually walk you lawn and take inventory.  That's right, inventory...the kind you do with other interests home and office, but in this case things you definitely … [Read More]

What To Give Your Lawn For Christmas….


  If you haven't done so already, here's a short shopping list of nice things you can give your lawn for Christmas. First of all, we write regularly that a good fall fertilization is the most important feeding of the year.  That's true, … [Read More]