Frost And Spring Lawns….


It's the last thing you expect from a spring frost. You expect flowers...tulips, daffodils, and freeze. You expect fruit trees...apples, peaches, and freeze. And, you even expect some of the growth on your … [Read More]

That First Mowing…!


Here's a few words on what's most imminent for anyone with grass.  Within just a few days that grass is going to need mowing. Fortunately for some, they can't wait to get out in the yard and renew acquaintances with the first looks and aromas of … [Read More]

Short-Term, Long-Term Seeding


If you're like many you'll find that your lawn might have some bare patches in it this spring...for one reason or another. Let's face it, it's been a harsh winter...cold temperatures and lots of snow.  And if your lawn was in "suspect" condition … [Read More]

It May Be Cold, But Crabgrass Marches On…


The last two years have been particularly bad for crabgrass in yards, which always leads to the inevitable question about how to prevent it in the first place. Well, the answer to that is to put down a pre-emergent herbicide with your first … [Read More]

Words On Mulch: Early Bird Gets Worm…And Weeds!


While it's true about the old saying that the "early bird gets the worm", in landscaping terms it could also means "it gets the weeds", too. Of course what we're talking about is spring mulching of landscaped beds, trees, ornamentals, et. al., … [Read More]