Know Your Weeds In Winter…


We want you to first take a close look at the above photo, and see if it looks familiar...if the white-colored grass looks like something you see now in your own yard. Then, we'll tell you what you're seeing, if you are. On a recent residential … [Read More]

Where There’s Water, There’s A Way


Where there's water there's generally a way to grow anything in nature, especially with residential and commercial lawns. And to that end Ever-Green, for 2015, has upped the "ante" on making sure that residential and commercial customers, old and … [Read More]

The January “Eye” Test….


Obviously it's weeks too early to become excited about getting out and into your New Year's resolution about a better lawn come spring.'s not to early to give your 2015 lawn what some professionals call the January "eye" test.  And what … [Read More]

What Could Be More Blessed Than To Give….?


More than 60,000 youngsters, mostly foster children, reside in long-term mental health treatment centers nationwide. Ever-Green Turf and Landscape of Troy, and Abbott Laboratories, in Tipp City, are partnering with "Project Believe" to make … [Read More]

Can Early Freeze (Or Snow) Hurt Your Lawn…?


A question from a client this week, relative to the uncommon snow and freezing temperatures and potential harm to lawns.  "Will it hurt?" Well, it is a good question because we're not accustomed to this much snow and 8 degree temps before … [Read More]