It May Be Cold, But Crabgrass Marches On…


The last two years have been particularly bad for crabgrass in yards, which always leads to the inevitable question about how to prevent it in the first place. Well, the answer to that is to put down a pre-emergent herbicide with your first … [Read More]

Words On Mulch: Early Bird Gets Worm…And Weeds!


While it's true about the old saying that the "early bird gets the worm", in landscaping terms it could also means "it gets the weeds", too. Of course what we're talking about is spring mulching of landscaped beds, trees, ornamentals, et. al., … [Read More]

A Message From Joe Duncan….


On behalf of Ever-Green Turf and Landscape it’s my pleasure to introduce and welcome you to another growing season...another season of regular updates and information from our Ever-Green website. We’re particularly proud of this site because … [Read More]

Go Ahead…It’s Fine To Feed The Birds!


A recent post concerning snow and lawn impact prompted at least one Ever-Green customer to ask about volunteer broadleaf weeds that often appear in the spring as a result of feeding the birds during those snowbound weeks of winter, as we're presently … [Read More]

Does The End Justify The Means…?


Like many others, if you haven't been bombarded by mailers and social media ads about spring and summer lawn and landscape management, you soon will be. Some, will even go door to door. Never in the history of the industry have there been so … [Read More]