A Good Thing To Do With Late Leaves…


If you haven't raked those late leaves to come down yet, we'll share an option that many are doing successfully and reaping cultural benefits from, as well. Rather than raking, bagging, or hauling them to the curb for the city crews to vacuum … [Read More]

Another, Different Issue Of Summer Mowing….


If you're a frequent visitor to the Ever-Green site you by now know that we recommend a minimum height of about 3.5 inches for average summer mowing.  This helps keep your lawn green while minimizing the stress on individual plants.  It's pretty … [Read More]

Ideal Fall Color


If you enjoy fall color this is a banner year.  Consistent moisture throughout the spring and summer growing season has served the hardwoods...maple, oak, and gum trees...well. Take a drive along any city street or country road and you'll be … [Read More]

Visual Proof That You Can Save Your Ash (Tree)


The controversy, and the angst, has raged in recent years...the emerald ash borer and its devastating impact on ash trees, wild and hybrid, in forests and on residential properties. All you have to do is drive by and look.  The evidence is … [Read More]

The One Constant For A Better Yard & Landscaping…


It's a common lament among homeowners who have struggled for years to have the kind of landscape and lawn look that they want. "It doesn't seem to matter what I do,"  they'll say.  "I just can't grow grass in my yard." And to many that may … [Read More]

How Fall Mowing Can Make Your Yard Look Better All Winter


We get it.  By the time October rolls around most people are pretty tired of mowing grass, even those most dedicated to the look of their lawn and landscaping. You grow weary of the same spots, the same angles...the same turns of the mower and … [Read More]