If You Have To Mow Early….


Given the kind of winter we've had;  and given that current March temperatures are above normal and with more rain than normal, it's highly likely that many of you will need, or have the urge, to mow your lawns earlier than normal. And actually, … [Read More]

Advice On Buying A Mower….


It's an emotional thing to some, almost like romance.  Believe it or not there people out there to whom buying a new lawn mower is relative to the rest of us buying a new car. And, with the new technologies and features being offered on the … [Read More]

The Water Table And Your Lawn…


Occasionally you have a winter like this one...where it's warmer than anticipated, no snow, and presently there's been rain in the forecast for the past week. Some call it the doom and gloom of Ohio winters, but before you dump on Mother Nature … [Read More]

Go Ahead…It’s Fine To Feed The Birds!


A recent post concerning snow and lawn impact prompted at least one Ever-Green customer to ask about volunteer broadleaf weeds that often appear in the spring as a result of feeding the birds during those snowbound weeks of winter, as we're presently … [Read More]

Snow And Your Lawn…


It's a question we're accustomed to hearing, particularly during harsh winters with a lot of sub-zero temps and persistent snow.  The question:  "Is snow and cold weather a good thing, or a bad thing, for my lawn?" Well, in the absence of snow … [Read More]