The Simple Fall Test….


As we near the fall season there's one simple test to tell whether the lawn program you're currently using is doing its job. The test?  How does your grass look? With recent rains has its color come back and is it filling in those frustrating … [Read More]

That First Mowing…!


Here's a few words on what's most imminent for anyone with grass.  Within just a few days that grass is going to need mowing. Fortunately for some, they can't wait to get out in the yard and renew acquaintances with the first looks and aromas of … [Read More]

Recipe For A New Lawn….


Whether you're building from scratch, or just renovating an existing lawn, we're approaching that time of the year when seeding works best. Of course, you can make the point for planting in spring because of ample supplies of natural rainwater.  … [Read More]

Why Curb Lanes Look Bad….


It's July now, "dog days" for most lawns and lawn care issues, and one about which we hear frequently is that of crab crass and other undesirables in "curb lanes" and the areas adjacent to sidewalks. "Why are there so many weeds, and why is the … [Read More]

A Postscript For Backyard Fruits…


A couple of years ago we posted a blog about using fruit trees for landscaping accents...apples, peaches, and cherries. A good idea for many because most of these trees a lot of desirable attributes, including size and ease of management.  In … [Read More]

Good Mowing For Summer Heat…


Even though the official start of summer has yet to exhibit summer heat as of this writing, it doesn't mean that hot weather is that far away. And where good lawn care and mowing is concerned just three "days" of hot weather can make a significant … [Read More]