Water On Demand…Your Irrigation System!


Knock wood, most people have not had to water their lawns this summer.  It's been that kind of year...lower than normal temperatures and above average amounts of rain.  The perfect scenario for most residential lawn that now in mid-August are … [Read More]

Why Curb Lanes Look Bad….


It's August now, "dog days" for most lawns and lawn care issues, and one about which we hear frequently is that of crab crass and other undesirables in "curb lanes" and the areas adjacent to sidewalks. "Why are there so many weeds, and why is the … [Read More]

Another, Different Issue Of Summer Mowing….


If you're a frequent visitor to the Ever-Green site you by now know that we recommend a minimum height of about 3.5 inches for average summer mowing.  This helps keep your lawn green while minimizing the stress on individual plants.  It's pretty … [Read More]

The Importance Of A Sharp Blade…Now More Than Before


From all appearances it would seem that we're in a pattern of wetter-than-normal June weather, about to become July. This is far different from four of the last five Junes, and it carries with it both positives and negatives relative to the … [Read More]

Summer Colors….


It's why we put up with those long months of winter...cold weather, snow and ice.  We long, and we live, for summer! Compared to winter, it offers so much, especially for the person who feels best when surrounded by the "green" and "growing" of … [Read More]