Services: Mulching



In the past decade it’s become one of the most popular practices for both the home gardener, and, the commercial landscaper…the use of hardwood mulch to add color and contrast to your lawn and landscaping. But aside from the aesthetics, there are several practical reasons to mulch.

MulchingOne, it serves as an insulator to maintain moisture levels in the soil during summer’s hot, dry periods.

Two, mulching serves as a natural inhibitor to weeds.

Three, over time it composts and adds humus to the soil. In human terms, we’d call it fiber.

And last…it just looks good.  Compare the visual difference (above) of a landscaped bed that’s freshly mulched in the front, and bare ground in the back.

Ever-Green features a dyed hardwood mulch product that maintains its color long after the commercially marketed brands have turned gray and lost their visual appeal. Remember, no job, residential or commercial, is too big or small for Ever-Green. Call us and see for yourself…what hardwood mulch can do for the look and longterm value of your property.