Services: Commercial Mowing

When most consider of the term “commercial mowing” it’s natural to think in terms of large areas and how to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At Ever-Green, efficiency is important, yes.  But large areas of turf also mean bigger opportunity to promote the very ideals on which our company and our reputation was built.  That being, it’s important that commercial mowing look as good, or better, than any other work we do.  And the reason is because so many people see it.

The patterns and stripes on the entrance to Upper Valley Medical Center…the sports design of our athletic field accounts at Newton and Arcanum high schools…bear witness to our dedication to every property, regardless of size, getting the same attention as our own individual lawn.  And we’re frequently asked by those who see our work…”How can I make my lawn look like the field you just mowed?”

Well, obviously Ever-Green uses the best in state-of-the-art equipment.  And obviously our personnel bring years of experience to every job.

But equipment and experience are just two elements of our approach to commercial mowing.  In the end the issue is still this…the importance of taking the time to make it look right!  That’s why Ever-Green mows more than 100 individual commercial properties each week.  The word is out.  Do it well and people will ask you how you do it.  But soon they ask…”Could you mow for us, too?  We want the Ever-Green look.”

We answer, “Yes, and with pride.”  Pride is the final element!

Athletic fields, like Arcanum High School’s outstanding football facility (shown here) are just one of our commercial mowing services. But the focus is on more than cutting the grass. The Ever-Green goal is to “improve” with each mowing.