A Time To Think Outside The Box Of Lawn and Landscape…

Speaking on behalf of Ever-Green, we're again proud of our commitment to area residential and commercial clients we've been privileged to serve throughout 2016. We're pleased to provide the … [Read more...]

The Best Thing You Can Do (Right Now) For Your Lawn…

We've written about this for years, because for years people have asked the same question before they close the garage door on their mower for the winter. "What's the best think I can do for my … [Read more...]

What To Give Your Lawn For The Holidays….

  If you haven't done so already, here's a short shopping list of nice things you can give your lawn before the upcoming holiday season. First of all, we write regularly that a good fall … [Read more...]

Water On Demand…Your Irrigation System!

Knock wood, most people have not had to water their lawns this summer.  It's been that kind of year...lower than normal temperatures and above average amounts of rain.  The perfect scenario for most … [Read more...]

Recipe For A New Lawn….

Whether you're building from scratch, or just renovating an existing lawn, we're approaching that time of the year when seeding works best. Of course, you can make the point for planting in spring … [Read more...]

Why Curb Lanes Look Bad….

It'll soon be July, "dog days" for most lawns and lawn care issues, and one about which we hear frequently is that of crab crass and other undesirables in "curb lanes" and the areas adjacent to … [Read more...]

How Mowing Can Make You Money….

It's something we in the lawn industry too often take for granted.  That is, a good-looking yard is just that...a good-looking yard and a labor of love. For others, however, keeping the grass … [Read more...]

A Very Special Anniversary…..

On the 40th anniversary year of Ever-Green Turf and Landscape, we would be totally remiss in not recognizing another, equally poignant anniversary with our company. Just as importantly, this year … [Read more...]

That First Mowing…!

Here's a few words on what's most imminent for anyone with grass.  Within just a few days that grass is going to need mowing. Fortunately for some, they can't wait to get out in the yard and renew … [Read more...]

A Plan To Sustain….

They say, "the best laid plans of mice and men!"  And seriously, is that not what most of us go through on an annual basis, planning for lawn and landscaping? But there's simply no accounting for … [Read more...]